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How U Going is designed to let people know you care bringing Awareness mental health, Depression, Domestic violence, Community, Homelessness & Suicide.

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Shining Stars Foundation is a not for profit that focuses on the less fortunate. We run both homeless and community outreach programs across Macarthur.

Our inclusion programs “Let’s Create” provides Socialisation, Inclusion and Empowerment through Visual & Performing Arts with focusing on Creativity & FUN helping Adults with Disabilities.

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If you want to get involved or know of anyone who could use our services, these are our upcoming Outreach services

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    Hi everyone Let’s have some fun this week, this year we won’t be able to share our Easter photos. Easter is nearly upon us and we all know the kids love Easter They love the Easter bunny they love the thought of getting chocolate’s.🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣 So to brighten up the page this week if you would like to please send us your photos of your Easter egg hunt your Easter bunny leaving Easter eggs, or your kids on Easter morning, even if your kids made an Easter hat and have not got to wear it. We think that will really brighten up everybody’s day and give everybody a smile on their face. We need some joy to keep our spirits up and what better way to do this is with the smiles of children 🤗🤗🤗 Please join in to have a little fun In your message please give permission for your photo to be posted on our page thank you


    Hi everyone we hope your all safe and well. Sadly our services are being stretched with keeping up the supply and demand for the community that we are feeding at present. We are extending our hand to reach out to schools or community groups that may be receiving food deliveries and may consider sharing with us. Any businesses that are in a financial position and maybe able to help with meat, vegetables, pasta, rice this would help immensely. We have a wonderful team and chefs that have loads of time and are ready to cook for us. Anything would be very much appreciated as this will not end anytime soon, we are forecasting to the end of June at this stage. We understand this is tough times for everyone but every little bit helps. If you feel that you are able to help please contact us via message thank you. Together We Make a Difference That’s the only way we will achieve a great outcome.


    Hi everyone, We hope you are all staying Safe and well in these hard times, but it’s the only way we are going to end this is to stay inside. Just to recap on this week, we have been so busy delivering meals, delivering hampers it’s just been a crazy week there are so many homeless, vulnerable, elderly and less fortunate people out there it’s very sad. Our aim is to keep doing what we’re doing so that everybody has a hot meal and groceries in the cupboard that are not able to get to the stores for a number of reasons. We have delivered over 200 meals this week and over 50 hampers so that just gives you a little insight as to what has been happening. Thank you to everybody that is cooking for us to make it possible for us to keep on doing what we’re doing we appreciate each and everyone of you. Welcome to our new volunteers that have come on board we feel very proud to have you all. Together we make a difference, that’s the only way we can do this.


    Hi everyone another beautiful Thank you card from a family that has required assistance over time. It’s lovely to receive the gestures of thank you.


    Good morning everyone Well it’s lovely to start seeing posts of encouragement on FB, people offering to shop for the elderly or wanting to help where they can to save them from going out. 🌟🌟🌟🌟 This is how we do Australia we band together, we will get through this together 🌟🌟🌟 Thank you to all the selfless people offering help🌟🌟🌟 Together We Make A Difference 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Please stay safe everyone


    Hi everyone well what a week it is been to say it’s been busy is an understatement, so many calls for food,So many calls for Meals but I’m happy to say we were able to do it all once again with the help of our awesome community so thank you everyone. Today’s run was a little bit different instead of having our services everyone had their meals delivered to them, so no one went without I’m happy to say there was enough for everybody which is a big plus. Thank you to all our amazing cooks that still cooked for us this week we appreciate you so so much please know that we could not done what we did without you🌟🌟🙌🌟🌟 Thank you Chantelle and Leonie for delivering meals today you are both amazing and so much appreciated. 🌟🌟🙌🌟🌟 I done Liverpool on my own tonight, everyone was thrilled to say the least that there was a hot meal there for them, But it was done a little different as well I had to leave the food, our buddies were not to approach until I had gone we just have to keep everybody safe. Keeping safe distancing top priority they all totally understood 🤗 Please stay safe everybody look after your family your friends. Please check in on people to see that they’re okay be a phone call or a message it doesn’t matter just don’t forget please. 📱 📞 Together we make a difference, we will get through this thank you regards Lyn & Kylee


    Today was our last service for 2019 and what and amazing hot and busy day helping our community in need. We would like to thank everyone who donated new presents, we are blessed to have such and amazing, kind community 🎁🎁🎁🎁 Big thank you to Astrid for her amazing collection of 180 new presents. You have the biggest heart and community passion your support is fantastic, we love having you as part of our team.⭐⭐⭐ The biggest thank to all our volunteers who have been working tirelessly to make today happen and in the background it has been a massive effort pulling everything together both Kylee & Lyn are so incredibly proud and say thank you.♥️♥️ love and respect to Uncle Dave Bell for his determination, consistency and love for our community helping make today possible ♥️♥️ Together with youth services Australia, the local living water church and Chris Chan today's meal service and present giving was a massive success handing out over 800 gifts to the Rosemeadow community bringing lots of smiles & joy at Christmas.🌲🌲🌲 Young Spirit Mentoring Program YSMP Youth Services Australia Help Astrid pay it forward


    Kirsty Carleton I wanted you to know that Lyn personally handed your gifts out that were donated on behalf of your beautiful angel Everett Carleton 💙💙😇💙💙 One went to a beautiful little boy and the others went to a family that is homeless at present living in emergency accommodation Eunice from SWAG Family Sydney will deliver this. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family and thank you for choosing our charity to deliver your gifts from Everett 💙💙💙🙏💙💙💙
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